There’s a lot about The Foxes Show that you don’t know. Here’s a little taste of their outrageous delicious history and some cool facts about how they came to be one of the most entertaining groups of male performers! 

It was 2014, when The Foxes Show first came officially onto  the scene....gyrating, stomping, snapping, and clacking their rainbow fans into the hearts of gays, lesbians, straights and everyone in between!  Born from Southern California's Premier Female Cabaret Troupe, The Vixen Show, Choreographer and Founder, Kia Sisowath started The Foxes Show, naming them as the male counterparts to the ladies of The Vixen Show.  In years prior, these men always performed with The Vixen Show as an added treat for the audience but, quickly gave rise to what would become and remain a phenomenon. It didn't take long before these men gained popularity and soon introduced their own “all male revue” style of entertainment to their audience. From their inception to now, The Foxes Show has grown to become top tier entertainment for LGBTQ+ venues all over Southern California.  

The Foxes Show consists of Kia Sisowath, Nathan Wise, Michael Franco, Chad Riley and Jeffrey Harvey, bringing a combined talent base that is unlike any other. These men have always had their finger on the pulse of LGBTQ+ entertainment and now more than ever, that pulse is throbbing. They dance a little fiercer, sing a little fuller, love a little stronger and play a little harder.